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I started my journalism career in Hibbing, Minnesota: the heart of the Iron Range. When I arrived in 2009, the middle of the recession, the main drag was lined with vacant buildings. It was rare to see anyone under the age of 30 anywhere in town. I was also a rare sight. In a sea of tall and blonde Finnish, here I was a petite Asian refugee. I was assigned to cover all of Northern Minnesota for a legacy station that saw the Iron Range through the biggest booms and now one of the biggest busts.

That city and those people were hard. But they taught me a lot about trust and grit. Those lessons carried me all the way to my current station, KARE TV, in Minneapolis. The people in the Twin Cities may have different stories to tell but I’ve learned they too value trust and grit in the journalists they count on. That’s the legacy I want to be a part of. I work every day to connect with people of all backgrounds, tell memorable stories and make the community better. 


Favorite story

Before returning home to Minnesota from World War II Orval Amdahl was told to grab a war trophy. He climbed a mountain of swords and picked the shiniest, strongest one he could find. But as the years passed he wondered who the sword rightfully belonged to.










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